Leveraging yoga for social impact, and fostering an expansive, accessible, and equitable yoga community.

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Yoga for social impact

Our Commitment to Yoga for Social Impact

Hear from Head of Social Impact, Kristina Graff, as she discusses the transformative power of yoga as a catalyst for positive change in individuals, communities, and across generations.

Social Impact Interview Series

This series showcases authentic narratives and perspectives from influential figures in the yoga community who have actively engaged in Yoga Alliance's global outreach initiatives.

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Our Work

Broadening access to yoga’s healing potential

Through strategic partnerships, financial investments, and advocacy, we work to bring yoga to more places, spaces, and communities around the world, reaching beyond studio settings to make the practice accessible to everyone.

Key Focus Areas

Yoga for Community Care

Yoga Alliance offers financial support, professional development opportunities, and community connections for yoga teachers who work in low-resource environments. In times of crisis, we help sustain access to yoga as a critical resource.

Yoga for Resiliency

Through strategic partnerships with humanitarian aid groups and yoga teachers in the refugee community, we facilitate expanded access to yoga and its healing powers for those who have experienced traumatic crises.

A Lifelong Yoga Practice

Yoga Alliance is collaborating with educators and legislators on advocacy, grassroots initiatives, and system changes to offer yoga in all schools—so that students everywhere have yoga as a resource for physical and emotional well-being.

Amplifying the Power of Yoga

We’ve developed innovative, science-based tools to measure yoga’s impact on whole person health. By combining the proven efficacy of yoga with targeted advocacy efforts, yoga is positioned as an essential service and a high-value investment—in social services, health care, and beyond.

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2020-21 Annual Report

Yoga Alliance’s 2020–2021 Annual Report is a celebration of its members, and yoga professionals’ incredible resiliency and creativity in sharing the teachings of yoga when it was needed most. Click here to read the Report.


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