The Yoga in the World study is a first-of-its-kind research effort, examining various aspects of the practice and profession. The study aims not only to provide an updated panorama of the global yoga community but also to uncover existing perceptions, key demographic data, and shed light on societal and economic barriers limiting access to the practice.

Study Overview

In 2022, Yoga Alliance commissioned a global survey and national focus groups aimed at gathering insight into yoga participation and practices across various audiences.

The “Yoga in the World” study is the first of an on-going series of research efforts by Yoga Alliance to benchmark and track not only yoga trends around the globe, but public perception and barriers that prevent individuals from practicing yoga.

Building on the organization’s 2016 survey of “Yoga in America” (focused on the United States), Yoga Alliance recognized the need to expand its research to more fully understand how to increase the accessibility of yoga globally.

Conducted in collaboration with Sensis, a partner organization, a comprehensive global survey targeted yoga practitioners and the general population in 10 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Chile, China, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and the United Arab Emirates. Teachers and studio owners were also surveyed in the U.S., U.K, Brazil, and Germany.

Eleven focus groups were also conducted in the United States fielded by partner organization Ebony Marketing Systems, to understand yoga participation among Asian, Black, and Hispanic communities.

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Yoga in the United States

An 11-part qualitative focus group study was conducted to explore the real-life experiences of individuals from Asian, Black, and Hispanic communities, including those who practice yoga and those who do not. The objective was to gain insights into their perceptions of yoga, identify barriers influencing their decision to practice, and explore strategies for reducing these barriers.

To create the most holistic snapshot of the yoga landscape in the States, the survey targeted specific audiences, including practitioners, teachers, studio owners, and the general population. Many questions were retained from previous Yoga in America surveys to provide comparison data and track the change in perception and behavior. Additional demographic data was captured for the first time to determine who does and does not have access to yoga and better understand barriers to practicing.

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Yoga in the World

For the first time, Yoga Alliance's survey extended beyond the U.S., gathering first-of-its-kind data across nine additional countries. In the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Germany, data was captured across all four audience groups. In Chile, China, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and United Arab Emirates, data was captured on practitioners and the general public.

View Key insights across surveyed countries:


India Overview | Read the key insights and findings from India.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom Overview | Read the key insights and findings from the United Kingdom.


Germany Overview | Read the key insights and findings from Germany.


Brazil Overview | Read the key insights and findings from Brazil.


China Overview | Read the key insights and findings from China.


Chile Overview | Read the key insights and findings from Chile.


Nigeria Overview | Read the key insights and findings from Nigeria.


Kenya Overview | Read the key insights and findings from Kenya.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Overview | Read the key insights and findings from the United Arab Emirates.

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Our Research Partners

Sensis, a full-service, cross-cultural marketing agency, fielded the global research study. Strategy is at the core of Sensis’ work, leveraging research and data to create targeted, informed, and creative approaches to reaching unique audiences.

Ebony Marketing Services is a certified minority, woman-owned marketing research and management consulting firm that provides a full array of quantitative and qualitative research services.


Global Yoga Insights: Unveiling 'Yoga in the World' Research Study Findings

Examine top-level findings from our first-of-its-kind global study. This special event is hosted by Toni Carey, Head of Strategic Communications at Yoga Alliance. Attendees will receive a guided overview of the most compelling research insights, with specific focus on the motivations and perceptions of yoga practitioners worldwide.

This event is currently open to active Yoga Alliance members only.

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Yoga Beyond the Studio: Exploring Black Identity, Community & Collective Care

For Black communities across the United States, yoga has and continues to play a unique role beyond the conventional studio setting. Join us for a unique panel discussion expanding on the recent Yoga Journal article by Tamika Caston-Miller, "Where Are the Black Yoga Studio Owners?" while examining the intersections of yoga, identity, community, and collective care.

Moderated by Sharon Cyrus, Director of Strategic Projects at Yoga Alliance.

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